Gathering Digital Files

Gathering Digital Files

Ok, let’s talk about your digital files for a minute. Here’s where most of our digital photos live:

  1. iphones
  2. hard drives
  3. external backup disks
  4. Online photos sites such as Shutterfly, Walgreens, etc.
  5. Thumb Drives

So how do we get all your photos in one place? PHG Memories has a device that will plug into all your devices and pull all images and videos from your devices and sort them into folders. Once we have all your devices scanned, we can then work on pulling your images into one place, sorting them by dates. Once they are sorted by dates, we can then figure out what events or special occasions they might represent. So don’t be overwhelmed, there is help out there!

Start where you are, use what you have do what you can.

Arthure Ashe

Picture Keeper Pro

This is all part of the process to help you get your photos to a place where you can see them telling your story in a beautiful way! The most important thing is to get started, take one day at a time, and let us help you through the process!