Photo Gifts


Have you gone on an amazing vacation and want to show it off or just be able to watch a beautiful compilation of your trip? We can take your photos and video, set it to your favorite music and upload it to your youtube channel (if you don’t have a YouTube channel, we can create it for you) so you can watch your memories from the comfort of your own living room. Check out my site for our video portfolio:

Family Videos
Family Videos


Does your child do instagram? Want to gift them a gift they will enjoy for a long time? We can download their Instagram photos (with their permission and login info) and create a personalized video from their photos. Watch a demo here.

Instagram Video


Want to surprise your grad with a gift they’ll never forget? Let us design a “Lifebook” for them. It’s like a yearbook, but for their whole life! Now that we have your photos organized, this should be a breeze! See the one I created for my son. It’s got a hard cover just like a normal yearbook! View Lifebook for Grads.

Life Book


Because these gifts are custom and vary in time, each will depend on your requests. We charge by the hour which is $45. Once we have a better feel for the size of your project, we can give you a close ballpark for how long the project will take.