PHG Memories uses “Perfect Picture Imaging System, which brings new life to old photos with auto enhancement, color restoration, red-eye reduction, de-skew, crop and rotate.”

There are two options for scanning your photos. Most photos will fall into the first category.

  • Category 1 Scans – These are scanned individually through a feeder at either 300 or 600 dpi, depending on your preference.
  • Category 2 Scans – The second category are those images that are oversized or delicate either because of age or damage. Extra care will be taken for these images and will be scanned on a flatbed scanner at 600 dpi.
  1. Photos 8×10 or smaller – .20 each
  2. Delicate / large or special photos – $1.00 each
    (must be individually scanned on flatbed scanner)

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Your Memories
Scans (up to 8×10) .20 each .37 each  .89 each
Scans (larger than 8×10) or Delicate Photos $1.00 each $3.49 each
VHS Transfer to Hard Drive $20 each $21.99 each $29.99 each
Hi8 $20 each $21.99 each $29.99 each
MiniDV $20 each $21.99 each $29.99 each
DVD $20 each $21.99 each $29.99 each
Floppy Disk $10 each n/a n/a
Photo Restoration $45/hour By quote $45-1/2 Hour

For other media, please contact us.


.35 each for digital downloads
Quality of slides can vary. If color correction is needed, we can do that for a small additional fee.


The complexity of what needs to be corrected on your photo will determine how long it takes to fix. Please see some rough examples below to give you an idea of time involved.

Removing Scratches

Color correction and removing the scratches on this photo took roughly 15 min. – $11.25

Fix Scratches

Remove People from Photo

If you have the perfect photo, but there are people in the background that you would like to remove, we can handle that for you! Removing the people in this photo took 15 min. – $11.25

Remove People from Photo


  1. VHS, VHSC, DVD, Hi8, 8 – $20 each


Often we will have digital images from our phones all over the place; computers, laptops, ipads, and on our phones. If this is the case, it could be overwhelming trying to collect them all to add to your collection. However, we have a solution for that too! For a $150 deposit fee we can loan you our PictureKeeper Pro drive. All you have to do is plug it in and it will do the rest of the work. It will pull all of your photos from whereever they might be and collect them in folders from whatever device you plug it into. If this seems too daunting, you could always drop off your computer at our office and we can do it for you. Depending on how many photos you have, it could take a while. For example, I had over 23,000 photos on one hard drive alone! Just let us know how you prefer to collect them.

Once you return the drive, we will either refund your deposit fee or you can apply it to your account for services rendered.

Picture Keeper Pro
Picture Keeper Pro


  1. To set up, design and train you on your site – $85/hour
  2. Online Storage Choices:
  • SmugMug – $11 Monthly Subscription / or $85 if paid annually
  • Google – If you already have a Google photo account, we can upload your photos to your account
  • Amazon Prime Photos – If you have Amazon Prime, we can upload your photos to your account