Why spend the time or money?

Why spend the time or money?

Why do we take photos? We take them to help us remember those moments. These are moments that will never be repeated and at times, will be memories of those we love that are all we have left to remember them by. So to be able to have all your “moments” in one place where you can easily access them and enjoy looking over them is why we do what we do. Here are some interesting facts you might not know:

  1. Photographs fade.
  2. Slides fade.
  3. Photographs in old adhesive albums can disintegrate because of the acid in the paper.
  4. VHS tapes don’t last forever, they eventually stop working.
  5. DVD’s get scratched and become unreadable.
  6. Developing film has now become very expensive, some day, it might not even be a thing.
  7. Photos that are left in frames can stick permanently to them if stored in a dark humid environment.

I have recently gone though an old album my mom gave me that was from my grandparents. I had to very carefully pry the images off the pages because they were the adhesive ones. Had they stayed there much longer, I might not have been able to remove them. I also went through a box that was full of images in frames. I had them in my garage. When I tried to remove the photos, some of them had mold inbetween the glass and the photo and I was unable to remove them. Others are just permanently stuck and if I removed it, I will tear the photo apart. If you have a box of framed images, I recommend removing them and keeping them in a cool dry area (closet in the home).

The best things in life are the people we love, the the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.

Framed Photos

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